Be My (Photo) Valentine


Heart-shaped Frame, Russian, made before 1896 by Mikhail Evlampievich Perkhin, of the firm of Peter Carl Fabergé. Gold, enamel, glass, photograph; overall: 2 1/16 x 1 1/4 in. Courtesy The Cleveland Museum of Art, The India Early Minshall Collection 1966.457

Today is Valentine’s Day,  and although many people think it is a day only for sweethearts, it is also a day to celebrate love — of our family, of spouses for one another, of parents for their children and children for their parents, of siblings for each other, of friends for one another, and of our pets, our very best friends. Here is a sampling from my collection.

Husbands and Wives

Wilson & Royall cab 1896 stylish couple

An unidentified couple, cabinet card by Wilson & Royall (J. N. Wilson & Martin Royall), Savannah, GA., ca. 1896; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth


Launey & Goebel CoupleCab

A pair of cabinet cards of an unidentified couple, photographed by Launey & Goebel, Savannah, GA, ca. 1890; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth



A Parent and Her Children

Hatcher, Thurston, Macon portrait Fam3

An unidentified mother and children, photograph by Thurston Hatcher, Macon, GA, ca. 1910; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

A Mother and Child

Pickett, Miss Mother&child

An unidentified mother and her child photographed by Miss A. L. Pickett, Americus, GA, ca. 1902; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

The Siblings

Cofield Studio, Cordele 3 kids ca.1930

Two sisters and their brother, ca. 1930 photograph by [J.I.] Cofield Studio, Cordele, GA; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

The Friends 

Nabell 2girls c1900

Two unidentified young women, cabinet card made by J. E. (John Edward) Nabell, East Point, GA, ca. 1895; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

The Furry Friends

Kodak#2 Mr. Dent family EvelynGAc1892

Snapshot of Mr. Dent’s family, Evelyn, GA, ca.1895, made by an unidentified photographer with a Kodak #2 camera; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

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  1. The one from Americus interests me because my parents are from there!

  2. Do a search up to to find all my other posts re Americus, like the one on Miss Pickett!

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