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Irish-Born Georgia Photographers and Associates

For St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would share a short list, with very brief information on those photographers and their associates I know were born in Ireland.  I have not included any of those born in this country with Ireland-born parents, or those for whom I have not yet verified a place of birth, even […]

St. Pat’s Day Redux – Wordless Wednesday

Portrait of J. F. Doyle, 1888 cabinet card by Launey & Goebel (Arthur A. Launey & Geo.C. Goebel), Savannah GA; back inscription of the cabinet card; detail of the cabinet card stamp; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth. © E. Lee Eltzroth and Hunting & Gathering, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material or these images […]

Monday Mystery – Are these gents Savannah Irish? Irish-born photographers in Savannah and Other Georgia Cities

The mystery photo I want to share with you today is one I purchased from someone who thought it was a Savannah “4-H” group band.  I do not believe it has anything to do with that organization, but there is definitely a “4” on those uniforms, and there is at least one musical instrument evident, […]