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Monday Mystery – Are these gents Savannah Irish? Irish-born photographers in Savannah and Other Georgia Cities

The mystery photo I want to share with you today is one I purchased from someone who thought it was a Savannah “4-H” group band.  I do not believe it has anything to do with that organization, but there is definitely a “4” on those uniforms, and there is at least one musical instrument evident, […]

Friday Faces & Places: George S. Cook in Milledgeville & LaGrange GA

George S. Cook was, as they say in the South, “a travlin’ man,” and he covered quite a lot of territory in west central Georgia in 1848 and 1849. In this post, my third and last on him,  I give some description of his six week stay in Milledgeville, and his following visit to LaGrange, […]

My Father, and my Early Georgia Photographers, 1841-1861

It’s Father’s Day, and because my father (who was both my friend and my mentor throughout my career) and his work on Atlanta’s bygone photographers — in particular his ongoing lists of African Americans and women working in photography — inspired me to seek out more information on all of Georgia’s forgotten photographers, I have […]

Friday Faces & Places: George S. Cook, Warm Springs & Macon GA

This is my second post on George S. Cook’s work in Georgia. In the first post I discussed his work in Columbus, Georgia in 1848 and 1849, and his return there for a short time in 1850. Because I covered other data in that post, as well as gave some links to his biographical information, […]

Friday Faces & Places: George S. Cook in Georgia – Columbus

Almost a decade ago, in 2004, I spent two days carefully going through the George S. Cook Papers (mss. 10108) located in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Washington D.C. That small collection consists of some business correspondence and some account books. The Cook account books are quite enlightening about Cook’s travels and photography in […]

Monday Miscellany: Mystery & More

I recently came across this short article on page 6 of the Macon (GA) Telegraph for Sunday, Nov. 18, 1883, which was apparently reproduced from a New York newspaper, the World (publishers since 1868 of the World Almanac). A Colored Artist Who Colors. New York Special. The World  has discovered here a promising young colored artist, Frank […]