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Monday Musings

Detail, J. A. Pugh cabinet card back mark; author’s collection It has been awhile since I posted anything on this blog! And it will be another while until I am able to post the first of several pieces I have in the works on Georgia photographers. I am not sure which of my “almost ready” […]

P is for The Pencil of Nature… a wonderful illustration of necromancy

Originally posted on National Media Museum blog:
The Pencil of Nature, published between June 1844 and April 1846, was the first commercially published book to be illustrated with photographs. As such, it is a landmark not only in the history of photography but in the way that we view our world. Cover of fascicle 1…

Off My Shelf – an occasional series: Photography and the American Scene

My books mean a lot to me – can I put it more simply than that? The first photo-history book I ever purchased for myself, in 1979, is considered a classic. That book is called Photography and the American Scene; a Social History, 1839-1889. It was first published in 1938 by Macmillan. My own copy […]