Veteran’s Day Redux


Photo by Carol M. Highsmith, Colorado Springs, CO, July 18, 2015; Members of the Native American Women Warriors, an association of active or retired American Indians in U.S. military service; Gates Frontiers Fund Colorado Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

Today is a time to “think about those  around you, as well as those in your own family, who have served their country. Go out and about and hunt and gather their photographs, and think about them not just on this Veterans Day, but often.” My husband and I both come from military families, and we were raised in that tradition. Neither of us regret that upbringing and way of life because it made us who we are.

Rather than a new post, I hope you will take a look at my post from Veteran’s Day 2018. Last year I highlighed some women in It’s Veteran’s Day for Georgia Photographers, too.  And you may also want to take a look at another 2018 post and read my Military Mystery for Memorial Day. That one relates to Ft. McPherson, or Ft. Mac as we military families called it, and it is a place where many of my childhood memories lie.

On Veteran’s Day 2017 I posted Three Photographers and the Military, 1861 regarding the advertisements posted by three photographers in the same Macon, Georgia, newspaper, on the same day and on the same page, as the men of  their city went off to war, many of whom would never return.

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  1. Katrina Bérubé · · Reply

    Another unusual and delightfully informative post – thank you!

  2. Katrina Bérubé · · Reply

    Another unusual and informative post on this day of remembrance. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for reading, it’s good to hear from you!

  3. Frances Osborn Robb · · Reply

    what a lovely memorial. My Dad didn’t serve in WW II, but was in a restricted job, who helped design ships that were likely to be hit by torpedoes (his specialty was sudden stresses). But my husband David was in the Navy and Navy Reserve for 26 1/2 years and we too cherish the armed services and what they do to keep us safe. Our elder son Andrew, head of special projects for the Library of Congress COnservation lab, was on the podium committee for President Obama’s inauguration. Obama asked to give the oath of office on the Lincoln Bible, a very small Bible, and a group representing Mrs. Obama was on the Capitol steps reviewing what they were going to do. The question came up of snow, ice, sleet, and rain, and what should they do if caught by one of these weathers. Andrew looked at Mrs. O’s guards, one from each service, and asked the Navy man if he personally was going to be present for the oath. Yes, the fellow said. Well, said Andrew, if it rains or sleets, take the Bible in its case (which his office had made especially for this event) and put it on this surface here, then put your hat on top of it and it will be fine. The inside of your hat is lined with plastic. How do you know that? the Navy man asked. Well, said Andrew. My Dad was in the Navy for years and years, and I used to play with his hat. I just know there’s plastic there. And he was right. The armed services come prepared. Have a memorable Veterans’ Day! Frances

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