Mothers, by Georgia Photographers

Wilson, Wm.E., Savannah cab Woman&Child detail

Mother and daughter outdoors, cabinet card, ca. 1890 by William E. Wilson, Savannah; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Minor Studio - unid. family group

Family group, mother and her children outdoors, ca. 1920 made by the Minor Studio, East Point; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Lomax, Alfa unid. family of3 portrait

Portrait of unidentified parents and child, ca. 1935, by Alfa Lomax, Atlanta; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Ramsey mom & babe ca.1930

A mother and her baby, ca. 1930, made on post card stock by W.J. Ramsey, Gainesville; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

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