Stay Tuned, The Eyes Have It

Eye photograh apparatus invention1905 SunnySouth

“Recently Invented Apparatus of Dr. Thorner, which Photographs the Interior of the Eye.” (Sunny South March 11, 1905 p.11 c.2-3)

The Headline to the article with the above photo illustration is Photographic Inquiry is to Lessen and is subtitled “Alarming Prevalence of American Eye Diseases.” The article is about Dr. Walter Thorner’s invention to photograph the back of the eye. Thorner was associated with the University Eye Clinic of Berlin and the Royal Charity Hospital, London.

I have had many similar photographs made of my left eye in the past two months.

I want to let you know I will return with more posts here on Hunting and Gathering, but it will take time. About three weeks ago I had eye surgery (known as “gas bubble” surgery) and as long as the gas remains in my eye, it remains difficult for me to use the computer for any length of time.

I hope to be back with you soon. I have two posts in draft that have been waiting in the wings, and I think (fingers crossed) that before 2016 is upon us, those two will be here for you to read. I have several other topics and personalities to bring you in the new year.

Have a great holiday, and please Stay Tuned!


  1. Keep well and recover soon. Merry Christmas

  2. Looking forward to your next posts, Lee! They’ll be here soon, I’m sure. : )

    1. Here’s hoping…still hard to see the screen, but maybe soon, not so…

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