Georgia Photographers and “their” Mothers

Georgia photographers often depicted mothers and children, as well as mothers and fathers with their children. Below are some favorite poses from my collection. All but one have never been posted on Hunting and Gathering.

Pugh, J.A. cab fam3 c1880 detail

J. A. Pugh, Macon, GA; a young mother and her children, ca. 1880 cabinet card detail; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Wilson, Wm.E., Savannah cab Woman&Child detail

William E. Wilson, Savannah, GA; an outdoor portrait of a mother and her child, ca. 1885 cabinet card detail; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Atlanta Photo Co. cab DoraMinor&child

Atlanta Photo Co., Atlanta, GA; Dora Minor and her child, ca. 1888 cabinet card; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

Atwood. E. Jay Madison family cab.

E. Jay Atwood, Madison, GA.; parents and child, cabinet card, ca. 1890; collection E. Lee Eltzroth


Minor Studio - unid. family group

Minor Studio, East Point, GA; an outdoor portrait of a mother and her several children, ca. 1917; collection E. Lee Eltzroth


Lomax, Alfa unid. family of3 portrait

Alfa Lomax, Atlanta, GA.: portrait of parents and their child, ca. 1922; collection E. Lee Eltzroth

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  1. frances robb · · Reply

    I love the cootie garages on the gl 4th from left in the 1917 group portrait. NOW SHE DOES MAKE HERSELF STND OUT. Happy mother’s day. Frances

  2. frances robb · · Reply

    how bout gal for gl? My fused thumb is still making my spelling go haywire. fr

    1. I had never heard that term for that strange “do” — must look it up!
      This was quickest post ever, and left out a beautiful one, but saving that for a more detailed post.

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