Irish-Born Georgia Photographers and Associates

For St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would share a short list, with very brief information on those photographers and their associates I know were born in Ireland.  I have not included any of those born in this country with Ireland-born parents, or those for whom I have not yet verified a place of birth, even if I suspect it is Ireland.

Palmer, Savannah stereo Bull St. from Exchange

View of Savannah – Bull St. from Exchange; stereo print by J. A. Palmer, ca. 1870; collection of E. Lee Eltzroth

Beckett, Isaac b. ca. 1839 in County Mayo, Ireland; d. Feb. 27, 1911 in Savannah, GA; photographer in Savannah Dec. 1864-1865 (to spring 1865 as Cooley & Beckett, after as Beckett’s Photographic Gallery)

Bambrick, H. b. ca. 1832 in Ireland; artist who made portrait copies from ambrotypes in Athens GA 1860 – he advertised with photographer F. O’Farrell at the same location; if Bambrick returned to Ireland, he may be the Henry Bambrick who was born (1830) and died (1870) in Dublin.

Collins, Joseph P. b. ca. 1817 in Cork, Ireland; in U.S. before ca. 1835; September – November 1858 in Savannah GA  selling “stereoscopes & stereoscopic pictures & colored groups, statuary, buildings” but selling only house furnishings, etc. by 1860

Grant, Theresa Anna b. Dec. 1868 in County Down, Ireland; immigrated to U.S. 1875; d. Sept. 1959 in Pinellas County, FL; in Columbus, GA 1888 -1889 she was the crayon artist for her father, photographer A. G. Grant — his mother, her grandmother, was born in Ireland (her mother was born in Austria); she married (1) 1895 J.M. Struppa and had one child; m. (2) 1898 [unknown] Hoffman; widowed by 1910 with four children and teaching music.

Nunn, Richard Joseph b. Dec. 13, 1831 in Wexford County, Ireland; immigrated 1851, naturalized 1852; d. June 29, 1910 in Savannah, GA (interred Bonaventure Cemetery) worked Savannah April 1857 – 1858, and in Athens July-August 1858, in Madison by August 15th; he was often associated with photographer P.M. Carey [Cary]; he was a physician 1855-56 and again as of 1859.

O’Farrell, F. [also known as Farrell, F. O.] b. ca. 1834 in Ireland; in Athens as photographer 1851 and 1860, before 1870 he was a grocer.

Palmer, James A. b. 1823 in Ireland [possibly arrived in U.S. via Liverpool, England on May  14, 1850]; naturalized March 31, 1868 in Savannah GA; d. May 29, 1896 in Aiken, SC; worked in Savannah GA, late 1866 – ca. 1872 and was making stereo views in Augusta and Atlanta GA 1873 – ca. 1885, although his studio was located in Aiken, SC (in SC 1871-1896); previously in NC (1858) and Indiana (1860-65)

Ryan, D.J. stereo back 1887 Stock DepotRyan, Daniel J. [often misidentified as “David”] b. June 1836 in Ireland; immigrated 1860; d. March 26, 1908 in Denver CO (interred Riverside Cemetery); Savannah GA, 1867-1885; Springfield IL 1888-89, Denver CO by 1893 where he remained.

See also my Early Georgia Photographers,1841-1861: A Biographical Checklist  for those on this list working prior to 1862.



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  1. There were some really skilled photographers back in the 1800’s. It’s fun to learn a little about the background of a few of them.

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