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Pugh, J.A. backmark detail5 cheribDetail, J. A. Pugh cabinet card back mark; author’s collection

It has been awhile since I posted anything on this blog! And it will be another while until I am able to post the first of several pieces I have in the works on Georgia photographers. I am not sure which of my “almost ready” pieces will become my next post, but I have these four in the works:

  • Atlanta’s Adams “family” of Photographers
  • Lookout Mountain – Photographers and Photography, Georgia and Tennessee
  •  Georgia’s 19th and early 20th Century Camera Clubs
  • Serendipity and Eureka! An Answer In an Unexpected Place

And I plan to post more “Off My Shelf” and more “Friday Faces” groups of photographs.

I honestly have been busy, and I want to share my recently posted Checklist of Columbus Area Photographers and Associates, 1841-1941.  I have been updating and expanding this list to include an entire century, in preparation for an article I intend to write on the subject.  I hope you find it useful.

And here is the link, again, to my Checklist of Early GA Photographers, 1841-1861:

I will be inWashington D.C.  in another forty-eight hours, where I will attend the annual meeting of ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society, North America).  One thing I will do is go to the Library of Congress to finally see an 1866 publication produced by Macon photographer J. A. Pugh. There is a portrait of him in it (what I think is more of a pamphlet) as a frontispiece, so I will finally see his face.

I may revisit the George S. Cook materials in the LC manuscript reading room, which I spent two full days with before. I am in the process of writing an article about his work and travels in Georgia, 1848-1850, and may see if I missed anything significant.

As part of this meeting I will finally get to visit the Folger  Shakespeare Library and also Dumbarton Oaks, two places I have missed on my previous research trips to our Capital.

Until the next time I am able to post, have a wonderful time in your hunting, and good luck in the gathering and making sense of it all – remember it is the journey you truly enjoy, not necessarily the destination!

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  1. Safe travels and good hunting.

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