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Educating Women Photographers and Their Associates

As early as 1863 the employment of women as photographers was included in a wonderful work called The Employments of Women: a Cylocpaedia of Woman’s Work (Boston: Walker, Wise & Co., 1863). It was compiled by a woman named Virginia Penny, who was a southerner, born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 18, 1826. This publication […]

Tips for Dog Days’ End

The Dog Days of Summer are ending but that is not too noticeable in my part of Georgia, where it’s still hot and muggy, which often leads to wet! Time to share some good Tips I have collected over the summer. Some pertain to Georgia, and some to other parts of the South, so count […]

Hot Tuesday Tips on Photographers Working in the South

In my part of Georgia school begins in early August, although it’s the hottest month of the year — we call it dog days — and many people head to the mountains and cooler weather, maybe to northwest Georgia for the weekend, where the beautiful home above is located.  In honor of Georgia’s heat and high […]