Two Photographers of Hudson New York

A very nice post on family photos taken by upstate NY photographers, one succeeding the other. These “Yankee” photographers are also relevant in our search for our Southern photographers and families.

Genealogy Sisters

Cornelia Hanson Taylor was 52 years old when she posed for this photograph on March 11, 1882. Noted on the back of the photo, in at least three different handwriting styles, is her name, her husband’s name, the exact date, the surname of the photographer and the location. Cornelia was 8 years younger than her husband so maybe this photograph was taken as a present for his 60th birthday. The photo in our possession is small, measuring at 2-1/2″ wide by 4″ long. The photographic image has been pasted on to a stiff paper backing. The image is starting to fade away.

On this Workday Wednesday, rather than focus on the occupation of one of our ancestors, I had in mind a look at two professional photographers of the late 1800s who photographed my husband’s ancestors. It is their work, like the work of many other less famous professional photographers, which…

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